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CREDITbase Adds Flood Hazard Certification To Meet Regulatory Demands Faced By Mortgage Lenders

CREDITbase Is First Credit retrieval software to offer Experianís Flood Hazard Certification

Glendora, February 10, 1998: MERit Systems offers Flood Hazard Certification services integrated into CREDITbase, its credit retrieval software. Lenders can streamline the application process by generating flood risk documentation in the same software used to request the credit report. Experian Information Solutions, Inc., is offering flood services through an alliance with LERETA Corp. of Covina, California.

Regulated and federally insured lenders are required to determine if the buildings on a property are in a flood hazard area, and to notify the borrower if flood insurance is required. CREDITbase prints the flood hazard certificate and notices, meeting all regulatory agency requirements. CREDITbase can also generate the request for LERETA Corporationís life-of-loan monitoring which notifies the lender of changes in flood risk.

CREDITbase, a Windows-based program, is unique in its ability to use the System-to-System protocol to retrieve credit bureau data. "Our database approach made it possible to quickly implement the flood certification capability", said Robert Henry, Director of Marketing at MERit Systems. "Our technical edge directly benefits users in the mortgage industry."

Experian Information Solutions, Inc. is located in Orange, California, and is a leading provider of consumer and business credit information.

MERit Systems, Inc. is a leading supplier of credit-related services and software. Located in Glendora, California. MERit is an independent subsidiary of Tradewind Software, Inc. founded in 1983.

LERETA Corp., Covina, California was founded in 1986, and services approximately 1.5 million loans in all 50 states, from its seven regional operating centers.

Other Press Releases

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MERit Systems, Inc.