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Print this checklist if you are shopping for or want to compare your existing Credit Software

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Software "A"

Software "B"

*System-to-System Protocol. A must-have to get the new report types. MAKE SURE YOU ASK ABOUT THIS ONE * *
TTY Protocol - The old teletype method - It does not offer the newer report types. * *
*Display a report from one bureau in the style of any other bureau. No need to learn  three different style reports * *
Send, Receive, and Print reports at the same time * *
Is it Certified by all three of the Credit Bureaus * *
Can you correct a mistake or request another type of report without having to use "cut and paste" * *
*Does it offer Vehicle History Reports * *
What is the annual Support/Maintenance fee. Is support available when you need it. $_______.____ $_______.____
*Interface to the leading Mortgage Software. Including Flood Hazard Certification Government approved format * *
*YES or NO credit decisions based on your criteria * *
*Custom Reports without cryptic codes to remember. Makes understanding credit reports a breeze. * *
Custom data entry screens. Only displays the fields you need to fill-in for the report type you request



*Equifax Decision Power and Desktop Analyst sold and installed by Equifax



Need to access all three of the bureaus. When using the TRI-Bureau you enter the customer information once.



* If the software you select does not offer the System-to-System protocol you will not
   be able to request many of the report types offered by the Credit Bureau.

   CREDITbase by Merit Credit Systems, Inc.          

  CREDITbase Home Page     Your Own Credit Report    TRW Name Change
If you don't compare, you may need to replace your
Credit Software sooner than you expect!
CREDITbase provides easy access to consumer credit information for authorized Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union subscribers. You can use CREDITbase to obtain an up-to-date credit report on loan applicants, prospective employees or tenants, or for any valid reason, as defined in your bureau's usage guide and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

CREDITbase lets you fill-in a simple inquiry form to identify the consumer. It then uses your modem to call the host computer of one or more bureaus, submit the inquiry and obtain the reports.

Version II of CREDITbase has been released

New Features

Experian Credit Trends

Experian Flood Hazard Certification

Equifax Decision Power

Equifax Desktop Credit Analyst

Experian CU Decision Expert

Sticky Notes

New Custom Screens

Interface Modules for Mortgage Management Software

This is HOT, and it's only in CREDITbase

Design Your own automatic Approval System using any of the Credit Score Models (automotive, retail, utilities, mortgage, installment, etc.) from any of the Credit Bureaus. The response can be as simple as "APPROVE", "DECLINE", "NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION", or as complex as you want. You Control the response to Model Scores and information as to what to do if there is a fraud, public record, or incomplete score results. Now you don't have to rely on someone else to determine what your business decisions should look like. Once you setup "QuikDecision", any of your employees will get the same results as if you were making every credit decision. yourself.

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