CREDITbase Setup is easy!

You can do it now. Just follow these steps.

1 Download the Software
If you have not yet downloaded the CREDITbase installation program, click here, or enter this web address to do so:

The download is 3 MB (approx.)

Internet Explorer Users:  When asked, choose Save this program to disk. Please note the Save in folder on the Save As dialog that appears. Hint: Click the Desktop icon to save onto your Desktop.


Important: You need bureau codes (as indicated here) for at least one of the following:
  • Experian: 7-digit subscriber ID, password (3 or 6 characters), preamble, host, UIC, and data access phone number.
  • Equifax: Member number (3 digits, 2 letters, then up to 5 more digits), security code, and data access phone number
  • Trans Union: Subscriber code (letter + 7 digits), security code, market (2 digits), submarket (2 letters), and data access phone number.

Please do not continue to step 2 until you are ready.

2 Double-click the CreditSetup icon.(It will be in the folder you specified in step 1, or on your desktop.)
3 Answer the prompts to install CREDITbase onto your system. At the Installation is Complete message, click Finish.
4 Double click the CREDITbase icon. When prompted, type password in the password entry box, and click OK.

For now, your user name is user and your password is password.
5 Click next at the Welcome page. At User Information, we recommend changing user name (to your own first name, perhaps) and password to a secret word of your choice.  Retype the password in the  verify field, and your initials in the description field.  (No punctuation, please.)
Write down your user name and password and keep it in a safe place!
6 At Bureau Enable put checkmarks next to the bureau(s) you are ready to set up now. (Equifax, Trans Union, and/or Experian.)

If you wish, do just one now. Use Settings in CREDITbase to add others later.

7 Enter the access information in the next dialog boxes, as provided you by the bureau(s). Don't change anything that is already filled in. Click Next.

When entering modem access phone numbers, include 1 and the area code if required. Add 9, before the number if your phone system requires it. Spaces and dashes are optional.

8 Click Finish at the Congratulations message. Allow Modem Detection to do its work. (About 1 minute.) Click OK.

After installation

To do an inquiry, click the New Inquiry button. Fill in the boxes. (Normally, full name, SS#, year of birth, and current address are sufficient.) Click To Outbox. CREDITbase should dial and get a report. To print it, click the Print button, and then click Print on the window that appears.

If you see a Logon Error message, click View Comm Log for details about it. Click the Settings button, then the appropriate tab to make changes or corrections to your setup. After correcting the problem, click Go Outbox Send to attempt the call again.

CREDITbase Support can be reached at (626) 963-8313