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Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian credit report access for financial institutions, auto dealers, landlords, and others. CREDITbase provides instant desktop retrieval.

Server and custom credit report applicationsMerit Credit Engine provides custom integration of credit reports via SQL, XML, and/or ActiveX controls. Using your server, it provides a robust foundation for high-speed decisions, custom scoring, and enterprise-level Experian, Equifax, TransUnion retrieval, including Canada and Puerto Rico, without added transaction charges.

CREDITbase  provides direct online access to credit reports using  Windows software on the desktop.

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Internet Credit Reports: Use DSL, cable, or T1 to access Experian NetConnect, TransUnion NetAccess, and Equifax Internet STS.

CREDITbase prints and displays instant decision-making information for financial institutions, auto dealers, tenant screening companies, landlords, employers, debt collectors, and others who use consumer credit reports.

With CREDITbase, you access the credit bureaus directly with your company's  Experian, Equifax, and/or Trans Union account. No 3rd party is involved! To request information about becoming a credit bureau member, click here.Credit bureau information

Easiest to install. Quick setup.    Easiest to use. Three simple steps to get a credit report. Best choice of report styles.  Choose your favorite credit report layout.  Best support. Toll free, no waiting, no monthly or  yearly fees. Best compatibility. All Windows versions, all modems (and DSL or Cable too with  CREDITbase III.) Get reports  and decisions. Customize operator messages based on credit score and alerts.
Approved and recommended by all three bureaus!
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CREDITbase III uses your Internet connection with Experian NetConnect, TransUnion Net Access (TUNA), and/or the Equifax Internet System to System service (ISTS). The credit report is ready in seconds - from one or all three credit reporting agencies.  (CREDITbase can also access Equifax and Trans Union directly via modem, without an Internet provider. You can get credit reports even when your Internet connection is down!)

CREDITbase supports all the main credit bureau products, including credit reports, Social Security number searches, employment screening reports, address updates, collections reports, and tenant screening reports.

Individual consumers: Here is where you can get your own personal creditreport
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